mind The Maker BLAZE COROZO BUTTON - Dune-15mm-

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Blaze Corozo Botton 15mm  Made of natural corozo. 

Blaze Corozo Buttons from mind the MAKER collection in a classic look with lightly 'burned' frame.

All the corozo buttons from mind the MAKER are made to match the colours available in their fabric collections.

Corozo is a natural material made from the seeds of the corozo palm. Also known as vegetable ivory, corozo is a plant based, ecologically responsible material. Unlike plastic, it is non-toxic and biodegradable. The production of Corozo buttons does not require the cutting-down of trees, because the buttons are made from the trees nut. Corozo seeds can only be collected when they fall naturally from the tree - otherwise they are not ripe enough for button production.

mind the MAKER Corozo buttons are dyed with environmental friendly dyes, and a unique colour fixation system to make them resistant to vapor and washing.

Price is per button

The buttons are OEKO-TEX 100 certified.